This is an update for the online meeting software.  I think Vyew is going to win it.  It has more tools and is much faster.  Some of us at work played around with it and found it much better to use than Webhuddle.  Webhuddle is still good, but doesn’t have as many things we need.  It’s also got more of a delay than Vyew.

Online Meetings

I’ve been looking for some online meeting software, and I’ve discovered a couple that are worth a look.  Of course, I’m referring to the free kind.  So far I’ve found WebHuddle and Vyew.  They both look pretty promising, and I tried out WebHuddle today and it seemed to work ok.  See what you think about them.

Why do I need online meeting software?  Well, my day gets pretty hectic, and all the traveling around I have to do at times gets a little old–particularly with the price of gas as it is.  Oh, I can get reimbursed for mileage so that’s not a problem.  I guess one of the main reasons I need it is to just play around with it so other folks can see how it works, and they might like to use it some as well.

Any thoughts?