Firefox Extension

This looks pretty cool.  Firefox has an extension to allow you to write notes on any website.  It’s called Firedoodle.  I can see a LOT of uses for this in the classroom. firedoodle.jpg

Notes, doodles, marks, comments; They’re how we remember things. Firedoodle brings notes right into the browser window, and puts them squarely on top of webpages.

Firedoodle, a Firefox extension, will enable any page visited in the Firefox browser to turn into a whiteboard where notes, additions and comments can be made easily.

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Holiday Laziness

I hope everyone had a very good Thanksgiving. I did. I’m being so lazy over the course of my 5 day break! I’m taking the time to just sit around, surf the web a little, watch some tv, and work on my network. I came across this video today. This guy has way too much time on his hands!! LOL


New Web 2.0 Tool

I came across this new tool (at least new to me) while surfing yesterday. It’s called StumbleUpon. You sign up for it and get the little toolbar that works similar to Google’s toolbar and surf away. You fill out a little form with your interests, and that’s the websites you will see! It’s pretty cool.

Stumble Upon

Login to the Africam!

Check out the live webcam over in Africa! I saw some wildebeasts today!