Oh, how I can relate to this person’s pain!!

This article hits the nail on the head!  How I can relate to it!  Oh, wow!  Seriously, I have been in Wal-Mart and been mistaken for somebody who works there, and then they realize I don’t work there!  One person saw me not long ago and started asking me where such and such was and then realized, “Oh, you don’t work here!  You’re the computer lady from school!” 

I had to just grin.

I do think this is a good article, and one that everyone should bookmark and remind themselves of from time to time.

Ten Reasons It Doesn’t Pay to be ‘The Computer Guy’!

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Ready for NECC?

Are you ready for NECC? I am. I missed it the last time it was in Atlanta because I was working on my Ed.S. Now I finally get to go! I’ve been looking at a few of the sessions to be held. I’m particularly interested in eLearning and programs such as Moodle. What’s your interest?


Something New

Hello all!

I know I don’t post very often anymore, and I’m sorry about that. I’ve run out of ideas of things to post about. Vicki and Stephen do really great jobs with their blogs, and I try to read them regularly. I wish I had as much to blog about as they do, but I guess I sorta blog about different things in a way.

Anyway, I have a presentation to make at a conference in a couple of weeks. I know the topic sorta well, but I’d like to know it better. One of my fellow educators knows the topic much, much better than me, but is unable to attend with me. I’m the type that is not bothered talking to large groups of people. I was a band director for 14 years. Audiences do not bother me in the least. She’s the type of person that doesn’t like to be in front of large groups. Through another fellow colleague of mine, I found out about something that should benefit both of us during the conference, and I thought I’d share it with you. It’s called SightSpeed. It is a video conferencing software program that is freely available and uses the Internet. I hope to be able to use this program during my presentation to allow my fellow educator to “be there” with me to answer questions and point out key items to the audience.

Check it out!!!

Rural High Speed Access

I can relate to this article. My mom lives in a very rural area, and I work in one. Fortunately, I live in a small town with a couple of choices for high-speed access. I would find it very difficult to give up my DSL. My mom lives about as far in the woods as one can go, and she has DSL! It’s through a company called CenturyTel, and they specialize in rural high speed access. However, I have some friends that live a little further out, and it hasn’t got to them yet. Hopefully, it will soon.

Excert from the article

Verizon is not alone in its desire to reduce the number of landlines it owns. Big phone and cable companies are reluctant to upgrade and expand their networks in sparsely populated places where there are not enough customers to justify the investment. Instead, they are funneling billions of dollars into projects in cities and suburbs where the prospects for a decent return are higher.