I’ve had a lot of fun over the last couple of days.  I’m worn out at the end of the day, but it’s a good feeling.  I’ve been helping a high school social studies teacher integrate technology in her world history classes.  I created a wiki on wikispaces where I put their assignments along with links to help them in their searches.  I created a custom search for Google on the French Revolution and the students are creating Powerpoint presentations from their research.  Baby steps yes, but big ‘ol steps in the right direction!!  I even bought a flip video camera.  If you don’t have one of these you need to check it out.  Not too expensive and pretty good quality if I must say so myself.  I’ve let the students video each other and play around with the camera.  They seem to be enjoying their assignment.  They are working collaboratively and doing a really good job of it.  I’m proud of them.

Blabberize Yourself!!!

Found this cute little tool you could use for recording voices for a story.  Just trace the outline of the mouth in the picture and the mouth will move with the recording of your voice!  Cool!


Be careful if you send kids to the Blabberize page.  You never know what you might see there or what has been typed in as a caption.  However, this is a cute little tool to make things interesting.  I can see it particularly useful for storytelling.

Cool Tool

Back during Christmas I found a neat little website called Animoto.  It’s a page where you can take pictures and upload them.  Animoto will then use their special software to render a video for you.   You can create a video short of 30 seconds for free or you can choose to make a longer video if you subscribe for a year.  The subscription cost is $30.  I think this could be very useful in creating short videos for classroom review in various subjects.  Think of the stuff you could do with this on Ancient Egypt or World War II!  Hey, even the Greenhouse Effect could be rendered in a short video.  It could be a useful alternative to the Powerpoint slide show!

Ready for NECC?

Are you ready for NECC? I am. I missed it the last time it was in Atlanta because I was working on my Ed.S. Now I finally get to go! I’ve been looking at a few of the sessions to be held. I’m particularly interested in eLearning and programs such as Moodle. What’s your interest?