Microsoft Vista Anyone?

I’m not one to jump on the new updated software bandwagon.  I learned a long time ago from a former boss not to be the guinea pig that tries out the new patch, etc.  I am the same way with Microsoft Vista.  I enjoy using XP just fine.  It does what I need it to without too much hassle.  I’ve experimented with Debian, Fedora, and openSUSE Linux.  I’m thinking of buying a Mac Mini, but I’ve already owned two Macs in the past.  My first Mac was purchased in 1991 when I returned to school to work on my Master’s degree.  I haven’t checked it in a while, but I’m willing to bet it will still boot up and work.  The Performa 6115CD model was purchased in 1994, and it still works except for the monitor.  My first Windows machine was a Dell XPSR450 which now houses a Debian server.  So, I’m not too shabby when it comes to computers.  However, the dive into Vista is not one that I’m ready to make.  I think the price is too high, and I can make my openSUSE laptop have all the fancy Windows cubes.

And what about Dell taking the plunge to sell Linux-based machines?  I think it’s about time.  They are also going back to selling Windows XP to home users.  Thank goodness.  I haven’t tried out Vista yet, but I hear that there are some driver and compatibility issues.  I guess time will tell.