Cool Tool

Back during Christmas I found a neat little website called Animoto.  It’s a page where you can take pictures and upload them.  Animoto will then use their special software to render a video for you.   You can create a video short of 30 seconds for free or you can choose to make a longer video if you subscribe for a year.  The subscription cost is $30.  I think this could be very useful in creating short videos for classroom review in various subjects.  Think of the stuff you could do with this on Ancient Egypt or World War II!  Hey, even the Greenhouse Effect could be rendered in a short video.  It could be a useful alternative to the Powerpoint slide show!

I’m Back

It’s been too long since I’ve posted.  I’m not sure that I can do as well as I did when I first started this blog, but I really hate to give it up.  I started this little project in order to give teachers some ideas on technology integration.  It’s been rewarding and fun most of the time just to be able to put my thoughts down.  However, getting it out in the public has not happened as I wished.  Many times I’m discouraged by the fact that our teachers don’t have a lot of time for new things because they are so strained under the pressure of what they must do.  Therefore, most of the ones I work with don’t even know about this little page.  I would like for that to change.  I am here to help them succeed using technology in their classrooms, and I don’t mean just technical problems but really getting the kids to use what they have.  There is so much out there.  Why can’t we just use it as a tool that it was intended and not to be dreaded because of unfamiliarity or lack of knowledge and experience?  That’s what I’m here for.