Hello from WordPress

I’ve made the move from Blogger.  I just couldn’t get things to work with the new Blogger account.  Since it’s no longer Beta some of the themes don’t work.  Mine was one of them.  Oh well, I enjoyed my Blogger stay very much, but this is the new home for now.

Google Apps and Spreadsheets

Yeah, this one’s been around for a little while, but I’ve been reading where some companies are actually going to Google Apps instead of the usual Microsoft Office products.


We’ll see what happens.

In the meantime, getting a Google Mail account has never been easier. Now you don’t need to have an invitation to sign up. All of the common Google services are right now at your fingertips.


Personal VPN

I’m considering getting a personal VPN to use when I travel. We don’t have one set up yet at work, but I’m sure one day we will. I love wireless connectivity, but I want to be safe when I’m away from the nest. I’ve been looking at a couple of them, and if you know anything about them, please post in the comments!

Public VPN

Personal VPN

New Cell Phone

Ok. I know it’s been around for a few months, but I recently bought a new cell phone. I’d had my old one for over 2 years, and the battery gave up the ghost. I would’ve bought one sooner, but I just couldn’t decide what I wanted to get. I finally settled on the LG VX8600. It plays mp3 ringtones, but you just gotta figure out how to get them to the phone! It also has a microSD card, and boy is it tiny, but it’ll hold 512 MB of storage! It’s the flip phone version of the Chocolate, which I didn’t like. I’ve always like flip phones because they are easier to hold.

Image from VerizonWireless.com