This cracks me up. Reminds me of that commercial from a year or two ago where the guy is clicking his mouse. His wife asked him something about what he was doing and he told her he finished.

The End of the Internet

Oh…now this is just…real good :- |

McDonald’s has reportedly shipped some mp3 players with a trojan horse. Seems that the fast food giant teamed up with Coca-Cola in Japan to give away some mp3 players preloaded with music and spyware. Supposedly the trojan horse contains a variant of some code that will steal passwords when attached to your PC. McDonald’s is reportedly handling the situation.

Link to Article at Engadget


I am officially a Lifehacker.com commentator! If you’ve not yet been to the Lifehacker site you MUST go. It is a website with all sorts of tips and tricks for computers as well as a host of other things. It is a VERY informative site that I think you will enjoy!


New Web 2.0 Tool

I came across this new tool (at least new to me) while surfing yesterday. It’s called StumbleUpon. You sign up for it and get the little toolbar that works similar to Google’s toolbar and surf away. You fill out a little form with your interests, and that’s the websites you will see! It’s pretty cool.

Stumble Upon