Picking Up Steam

Ernesto is picking up some steam as it heads up the Atlantic coastline today. Its winds are now at 70 mph, just 4 mph shy of hurricane status. The warm waters of the Atlantic are helping to feed its frenzy. Hopefully, it will soon go out to sea.

Image from The Weather Channel

Tropical Depression Ernesto

Ernesto is now a tropical depression. It’s bringing heavy rainfall, but it doesn’t seem to be too serious of a storm. Some flooding is predicted later in the week. The Pacific Ocean seems to be having the hurricanes this season.

Image from The Weather Channel

Tracking a Storm

Well, Ernesto is still a tropical storm, but look at how the projected path has changed from its first course. Meteorologists work very hard to give accurate forecasts using computer models, but it’s a difficult task.

Image from The Weather Channel


Ernesto is still weakening, but who knows what will happen?

How about its course now?

Image from The Weather Channel


Almost 12 hours later, and Ernesto is downgraded.

Image from The Weather Channel.

One Year Later…


The name brings shivers up and down your spine, does it not? Probably the worst storm in history, it devoured New Orleans and destroyed much of the Gulf Coast in August 2005. Families were uprooted and settled elsewhere. Many have returned, but I’m sure their lives are nowhere near normal, but will they ever be? It was such a horrific event I can’t imagine what all of these victims faced as the storm raged through last year.

Let’s hope Hurricane Ernesto is a weak storm.