Some New Stuff

I’ve been working on a personal project. I have a friend who has helped me set up a Debian server. I’ve been playing on it a good bit, and we installed and set up Moodle. I’ve talked about Moodle before in my blog. It is an open source course management system. I don’t have it on the “live side” yet, but I’m getting there with my little demo version of it. I think this will be a good thing for teachers to use as possibly a course supplement to their classes. It would expose students to online classes as college courses using Blackboard and WebCT do.

If you haven’t tried out a Linux distro yet, I encourage you to do so. I played with Ubuntu a little bit, and I really like it. I wanted a server install and went with Debian. I’d like to look into the Edubuntu and see what it’s like. It’s geared for K-12 environments and is open source as well.


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