Some New Stuff

I’ve been working on a personal project. I have a friend who has helped me set up a Debian server. I’ve been playing on it a good bit, and we installed and set up Moodle. I’ve talked about Moodle before in my blog. It is an open source course management system. I don’t have it on the “live side” yet, but I’m getting there with my little demo version of it. I think this will be a good thing for teachers to use as possibly a course supplement to their classes. It would expose students to online classes as college courses using Blackboard and WebCT do.

If you haven’t tried out a Linux distro yet, I encourage you to do so. I played with Ubuntu a little bit, and I really like it. I wanted a server install and went with Debian. I’d like to look into the Edubuntu and see what it’s like. It’s geared for K-12 environments and is open source as well.


The End of the School Year

Well, it’s all over but the shouting this Friday. For the kids, that is. Their last day of school for this year is the 19th. Wow, I graduated from HS myself on May 19th.

This summer is going to be very, very busy for me so I doubt I will be blogging too much. I hope everyone has a safe and fun summer!!

Until next time….

Tech Bits ~n~ Bytes


I have to post about Gasper, the beluga whale at the Georgia aquarium. Gasper is sick with a condition called osteomyelitis. It is a bone infection, and the vets don’t know if he will get better or not. If you haven’t been to the aquarium and seen the whale exhibit you really need to go. While Gasper is sick he is being treated and held in a separate non-public tank away from the rest of the whales. Gasper has lesions on his body that could be related to the infection, but so far treatment has not helped. Gasper is a favorite among the audience and often blows bubbles and chases them.

Let’s hope Gasper gets well soon.

Pictures were taken by me.

Information about Gasper was taken from an article by Bill Hendrick in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Out of Touch

I’ve been really swamped lately, and I know I’m behind with my blog posts. Our tech plan is turned in, and maybe we won’t have too many revisions on it. That’s was one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to do since I took this job!

We’ve got a lot of things coming up at work in the next several weeks, so I don’t know how regularly I’ll be posting. Kids get out of school on the 19th, and teachers work a few more days. I will probably work most of the summer because we have a few projects to complete.

I’m not completely out of touch, but just may not be posting a lot in the next few weeks. I will try to do better.