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If you are really into networking, hardware, gaming, and the like, take a trip over to TG Publishing and check out Tom’s Hardware, Tom’s Networking, and all of the other links the site has. This site is full of articles, reviews, news, etc. of a lot of really cool items. It just has tons of stuff to view and read!!!

Online Tech Encyclopedia

Ever hear a tech word that you really aren’t sure what it means? I know I do. I came across a Web site today called Techweb that will allow me to type in a tech term and receive the definition. It also gives a few of the top search terms to give you some ideas. Hope you find it useful!

Tech Encyclopedia

Image from Techweb

Free Software!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that I have your attention, it really is true. Check out this link.

Educators need to check out this site. It’s called FREE–Federal Resources for Educational Excellence. It has LOTS of good links on it.

Update: I can’t believe what all FREE has on its site! You really must check it out!

Wireless USB

I kinda look forward to this. Expect these devices by September. It will be nice to have a few less wires to worry about.

Link to Article

Image from Belkin

What Do You Think?

Apple’s MacBook Pro with Intel processor…What do you think? Comments?

Hats Off

I’m not much of a Twins fans, but I do remember Kirby Puckett when the Twins and Braves played in the World Series. I thought he was a good ball player and a good individual. He died of a stroke today. May he rest in peace.

Photo from AP/Jim Mone

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