Free Software!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that I have your attention, it really is true. Check out this link.

Educators need to check out this site. It’s called FREE–Federal Resources for Educational Excellence. It has LOTS of good links on it.

Update: I can’t believe what all FREE has on its site! You really must check it out!


Wireless USB

I kinda look forward to this. Expect these devices by September. It will be nice to have a few less wires to worry about.

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What Do You Think?

Apple’s MacBook Pro with Intel processor…What do you think? Comments?

Hats Off

I’m not much of a Twins fans, but I do remember Kirby Puckett when the Twins and Braves played in the World Series. I thought he was a good ball player and a good individual. He died of a stroke today. May he rest in peace.

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Now Here’s a GREAT Idea

This is a really great way to incorporate the video iPod in a special education classroom.

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Teacher Technology Skills

University of Pittsburg-Johnstown professor Bernie Poole has an article over on Education World about technology skills and proficiencies that teachers should possess. In a nutshell, these skills include:

Proficiency in Productivity tools–word processing, database, spreadsheets, extracting data, etc.

The ability to troubleshoot common classroom technology problems–Amen!!

Where to go for technical assistance when it’s beyond your knowledge and ability.

Know how to find web resources for your subject area.

Know what’s available on the web for your subject area.

And lastly, be open to new things!!!! Don’t get yourself in the rut of “this is the way we’ve always done it” concept. Change, move on, explore, adapt!!!

In another article on Education World, author Doug Johnson of Mankato Public Schools in Minnesota does a wonderfully funny but thought-provoking article on a comparison of pencils and iPod use in the classroom. It made me think a little more. He makes some very, very good points. You go, Doug!

99 Run Commands

I came across a helpful article over on digg. This is from a forum and contains 99 run commands to use in Win XP. I definitely can use this list!!

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