Security Tips

This site is several months old, but it still contains some very useful information. I recommend it for everyone. It is from Learn how to recognize possible security threats and how to avoid them.

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For Big Files

Have a really big file you’d like to send someone? Sometimes email accounts have limits as to how much space they will hold. Gmail is great for large items, and it will hold over 2 GB of space. There is another online service called where you can drop off your files for someone to pick up at a later time. Files are removed after 7 days. It’s perfect for mp3 files, videos, etc. It will hold 100 MB of space. Not as big as Gmail, but useful nonetheless. Just don’t store copyrighted items there.

Thanks to Jason for this tip!


Another Browser

I came upon another browser today. It’s called Maxthon. It has tabbed browsing and a built in RSS reader. It has gobs of different settings and views. Try it out!

Online Tools

Some time back I wrote a little entry about Writely, the online word processor tool. In recent days, Google has purchased Writely. New registrations are temporarily suspended while moving to Google’s systems.

I looked around the web and found some other online productivity tools. You can now enter presentations online as well as spreadsheets. Here are some that you can view and try out.


These online tools are easily sharable for others. Your data can be accessible anytime, anywhere.

Chemical Equations in Word

If you’d like to write equations in Word just go to Tools, Customize. Under Categories, click on Format. Under the right column (Commands) find Superscript. Click on it and drag it up to the formatting toolbar at the top of your screen. This is where your font, font size, and alignment is located. Release your mouse and the Superscript icon should insert itself into the formatting toolbar. If you don’t see your formatting toolbar, go to View, Toolbars, and make sure that formatting is checked. Do the same thing for Subscript. This is the one that will use most often for chemical equations. In your Word document, type H2O4. Highlight the 2 and click on the Subscript tool. Do the same thing for the number 4. Your equation should now look like this:

If you really want to get creative, you can use the equation editor, but you’ll probably have to add it where you can use it. Go back to Tools, Customize. Look under the Insert Category and find Equation Editor on the right side. Click and drag the Equation Editor where you want it. You can now make all sorts of symbols for mathematical and chemical equations.

For The Geek

If you are really into networking, hardware, gaming, and the like, take a trip over to TG Publishing and check out Tom’s Hardware, Tom’s Networking, and all of the other links the site has. This site is full of articles, reviews, news, etc. of a lot of really cool items. It just has tons of stuff to view and read!!!

Online Tech Encyclopedia

Ever hear a tech word that you really aren’t sure what it means? I know I do. I came across a Web site today called Techweb that will allow me to type in a tech term and receive the definition. It also gives a few of the top search terms to give you some ideas. Hope you find it useful!

Tech Encyclopedia

Image from Techweb