On a lighter note…

Since I am a musician I have an iPod mini. Yeah, the Nano came out about a week after I bought it, but I like it and it serves its purpose for me. Can’t stand the earbuds…you can have those things, but I have an old pair of Altec Lansing computer speakers that I attach to it. Since I’m not much of a person to listen to music anytime except when I’m at home I hook it up to external speakers. I have a pair of headphones if I need them…er..actually 2 pair. LOL…one of my co-workers recently bought a Nano. She was upset because her Nano was black, but ALL of the accessories were white. The case, the earbuds (which she hates, too…we have deformed ears and they won’t stay in our ears for some reason), the cables, etc., are all white. She wants some black accessories!!!! LOL

Anyway, being an iTunes customer AND a musician of classical training, I am always looking for good instrumentalists with quality recordings. Well, I’ve found a trombone quartet you need to listen to. It’s called the Momus Trombone Quartet, and the music on their album entitled The Lexington Project is really great. I highly recommend anyone to listen to it. This group has excellent technique and skill.

Someone sent a video to me in an email the other day of another trombone quartet. It was a group of all girls, and they were playing Sousa’s Stars and Stripes Forever march, and I swear one of those girls played the piccolo solo down to the trills!!! Her bell was in the way so I couldn’t see if she was using the trigger or not on the trills! It was awesome. When they repeated that section they did it in double time, too! I don’t know who they were or where they were from, but it was so cool!!

Update: I did a search online and found the video of the trombone quartet playing Sousa. You can view it online at the Website of the International Trombone Association of 2002. Click on Bones Apart Stars and Stripes Forever. Enjoy!

Another Update: You can find the Bones Apart quartet Website here. Their schedule says they will be at GMEA next January!

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