How Star Trek is This???

Have we really found a way to control the weather??? Read this article.

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Free Podcasting Service

I just read about this on Lifehacker. GCast is a free (ad supported) service where you can record and host your podcast. This looks like it could be very useful. It’s made by the producers of GarageBand.

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What’s in a name?

This post was recently “dugg.” Interesting how companies come up with their names.

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Now this I gotta see!!!!

Picture video that takes an hour to download on a DSL line at present can be downloaded in seconds from tower to tower with this protocol!!!

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Will the real George Washington please stand up?

I came across this article on Seems that the George we all know and love on the $1 bill is not how he really looked? So, for a cost of $1 million, an expert has recreated what Washington may have looked like and formed a waxed figure for all to see. This is pretty interesting.

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Beware of Online Predators


How many of you saw the Dateline broadcast last week where the journalists and police had set up a house as a place to lure and catch pedophiles? It was enough to make your skin crawl, wasn’t it?!!? I decided I would include a post where you could find some links to publications online on how to deal with such issues and to keep your children safe as they experience the Internet.

Kid Safety on the Internet
A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety
Internet Safety Awareness

As a result of reading these pages, I hope you can be better informed on how to protect your child and keep them safe online.