Take the Wireless Plunge

I occasionally help out friends of mine who take the wireless plunge with their home computers. Now don’t get any ideas. I do this sort of thing all day long, so don’t think I like to do it every night, too. It’s not too difficult. I use a Linksys wireless router with TKIP encryption. It’s pretty easy to set up. A friend of mine has a Motorola that works really well, too. Sometimes the encryption part can be a little intimidating for the average user, but many times your ISP will help you set up your router. You can find plenty of info online on how to do it. I would highly recommend DSL Reports. I learned how to do this by reading their help files. For example, if Bellsouth is your ISP, just type “Bellsouth set up” in the search area.

(Image from http://www.linksys.com)

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